Wellness | August 9, 2016


The Secret toSofter Skin

A spotlight on our latest innovation: Treatment Lotion

Underscoring the vital importance of hydration, the English poet W. H. Auden once said, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” 

And while one would hopefully have both in one’s life, it is physically impossible for your body—or skin—to thrive without water. In Asia, women keep their complexions hydrated by incorporating a drenching “softening lotion” into their skin care routine post-cleansing. And in classic east-meets-west fashion, Aveda has translated the Asian ritual into a product that pumps up moisture levels, prepping skin to be better able to absorb treatment products you apply on top of it, and delivers an aromatherapeutic benefit as well: It’s called Botanical Kinetics™ Hydrating Treatment Lotion—and the product’s formulators are especially proud of it.

Botanical Kinetics™ Hydrating Treatment Lotion

Formulating aromas for skincare is a completely different art than developing scents for fine fragrances, explains Guy Vincent, Head of Aveda Pure-fume™ Aroma. “Because you wear your facial skincare literally right under your nose, you need to make sure that the aroma is a very pleasant experience straight away, since it doesn’t have time to settle into its character like a fine fragrance.” It must also communicate what the product actually does. To that end, the treatment lotion is built around rose, says Guy, with a touch of German chamomile and eucalyptus known for their soothing and head-clearing capabilities, respectively. “Rose is synonymous with hydration,” adds Guy. “Picture a drop of dew on a rose petal—isn’t that just the very essence of skincare?”

But while softening lotions are an integral part of the Asian skincare routine, they’re a relatively new concept to American audiences. So Althea Knight, Executive Director of Research and Development at Aveda, describes the treatment lotion in this more familiar way: “It’s a power drink for your skin.” In developing the product, Althea and her team were able to change the surface tension of water to make it more compatible with the surface tension of the skin—which is what makes the treatment lotion so easy for your epidermis to absorb. To accomplish this feat of formulation, Althea used ingredients like humectants, sodium PCA, and glycerine in the treatment lotion, as well as an algae extract and caffeine, which help support skin’s ability to take in all of the product’s nourishing ingredients.

Althea recommends using the treatment lotion at least once a day as part of the following regimen, which she says she’s “obsessed with”: First dry brush the skin, then apply Aveda’s Oleation Oil. Next, cleanse and then pour the lotion into your cupped hand and gently pat the treatment lotion on your face using your hands. After, treat your skin to one of Aveda’s Tulasāra™ Treatment Concentrates, and finally, apply moisturizer. Too pressed for time? Althea recommends doing the full regimen in the evening, and using it as an opportunity to spend time with you. “Think of it as an investment in your self care.” If nothing else, you can cheat and simply use the treatment lotion after cleansing and before moisturizing to increase the absorption and efficacy of your cream. Either way, it’s time well spent.

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