While spring is better known as the season of renewal, the prospect of going back to school is hard wired in all of us—often triggering the desire for a fresh start in September. So it’s no surprise that many of us spend the last days of summer reinventing our looks for fall with a snip, tint, or trip to the makeup counter.


Where to start? “This season there’s truly something for everyone,” says Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup. “We are seeing hyper-enhanced natural beauty,” she adds. Translation: An even more beautiful version of you. To that end, says Geason, gorgeous skin and brows are key since collectively, they build the foundation for a polished look. For skin, Geason recommends applying a sheer base or tinted moisturizer and blending concealer over areas that require extra coverage. For brows, it’s not just about filling in sparse spots—it’s about making your arches appear fuller all over.


Above, the new Aveda 2016 Autumn Makeup Collection, Fōlklôr.


If you’re craving a bit more bite, add in lip color. Geason says that while dark lips are ubiquitous for fall, for the woman who doesn’t feel comfortable with such a dramatic statement, pink-y nudes are an equally modern option. (One thing to keep in mind when picking a hue, is that deeper tones can make lips look smaller.) Rich shadows on lids are also on trend, says Geason. “With a smoky eye and red lip, you’re a different person!” she says. Though, again, there are plenty of lower-impact ways to update your eyes if you prefer a more minimal effect. For example, in place of a dark smoky eye, a wash of gold shadow can be used to light up lids.


Ricardo cuts a look featured in Fōlklôr,
the 2016 Autumn Hair and Makeup collection.


Of course, just as a new outfit is incomplete without shoes, a new beauty look is unfinished without a new hair style. “Today’s hair is about moveable texture with a bit of a raw edge,” says Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting. He says that statement styles are big again, including looks such as choppy bangs, bobs (of various lengths), undercutting (areas where the hair is very short with longer layers stacked on top), and even bowl cuts.


But if you’re not into a “name” style, color can be a fun way to modify your look. Taking a cue from makeup, hair hues are trending toward the deeper and darker. This includes shades like burgundy red, black, and midnight blue. One of the brightest spots in hair color now is strategically placed highlights, adds Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color. In a technique he developed called Eclipting™, darker hair color is placed around the face to create a frame with subtle highlights added underneath and behind that dark portion to produce dimension and illumination. The technique works on hair of any texture and length. The bottom line? With the versatility of today’s trends, making the most of your looks for fall should be easy to ace.


A new season is always a good time for a new Aveda Hair Color


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