At the end of the year it’s easy to get swept up in consumption of food and gifts. But as we all know, for every bit of fortune we have, there’s someone less fortunate, which is why there’s no time like the holidays to take stock of what we’re most grateful for. Not only does it put your life in perspective, but it helps you see through others’ eyes, too.


This holiday season, Aveda will be selling special Gratitude Journals (available in Aveda Experience Centers) made from lokta bark paper produced by Nepalese paper makers. Our purchase of lokta bark paper for the Gratitude Journals helps create income for Nepalese papermakers. To inspire you to think of what you might jot down in one of these journals, we asked Aveda friends and artists to share what they’re most appreciate of. Enjoy and reflect.


This year I am grateful for...


“Every year since my 20th birthday, I've written down 20-something things that I am grateful for each year. I write them in my favorite notebook and read all my previous notes on my birthday every year. I laugh at myself reading these lists sometimes. It's funny how something as simple as a notebook can show just how much you've grown over the years. Some things change, but mostly, what I am grateful for remains the same. The older I grow, the more I've realized how important it is to show gratitude and appreciation towards all the real and genuine people who bring true value to my life. Real friends, healthy relationships and dedicated teachers and mentors are special gems that are so hard to find. If you are lucky enough to have any one of these special people in your life - treat them right and hold them tight. Never, ever take them for granted.  There is one thing that I remind myself to do every day, and that is to wake up every morning with a grateful heart no matter how tough life seems to be. When you are grateful for your blessings, it grows. When you take your blessings for granted, you lose it.” — Leanne Wei, @honeyandvelvet


“I’m grateful for my family who is always there for me!
Even if they are miles away.”


“I'm grateful for my children and the strength they endure during difficult times.” —Susan Milano, Aveda Purefessional™, Casa Aveda, Austintown, Ohio


“I am grateful for health and family.”  —Thomas Pepin, Aveda Purefessional™, Sanctuary Salon Spa, Eden Prairie, Minnesota


“I am grateful for opportunities for growth, whether they are satisfying or painful. Getting out of my comfort zone is a beautiful thing.” —Jordyn Shipley, Aveda Purefessional™, Serenity Couture Salon West Glen and Aveda Institute Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa


“I’m grateful for my body, my health, and my ability to move.”@GypsetGoddess


“I am grateful for my family, friends,
dog, and teachers. My life and good health. My life lessons,
mistakes, and successes. My laughter and happiness. My career,
coworkers, and mentors. My ability to appreciate all the
greatness of the world around me.”

Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup


“I’m grateful for the good health of my family and friends.”  —Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting


“I am thankful for my loving husband, our baby, and the roof over our heads! I'm also thankful to be part of such an amazing company that lets you do what you love every day and makes it FUN!!” —Nicole Bice, Aveda Artist, Salon Dolce Vita, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


“I am most grateful for my dog Riley.” — Bridgett Van Horn, Aveda Purefessional™, Logan 14 Salon and Spa, Washington D.C.


“I am grateful for downtime. Knowing a vacation is planned keeps me motivated to work hard for the time off.” —Brittney Robbins, Aveda Purefessional™, Scott J Salon, New York, New York


“I'm so grateful to have the support from my dearest
Australian friends who have always been with me
along my life's journey. I wouldn't be who I am today
without them in my life.”

Jo McKay, Aveda European Technical Hair Specialist


“I am grateful that I work for a company that truly cares. I am grateful for being able to live in a democracy that embraces all. I am grateful that I have been able to have the most amazing career and travel the world. I am grateful to have great friends and live a colorful life.” — Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color

“I am grateful for an amazing career that is blooming before my eyes. And I am grateful for the successes of my husband and children.” —Brittany Craig, Aveda Purefessional™, Carmen Carmen, Belk Ashville, North Carolina

“I am incredibly grateful for quality time spent with my family.” — Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Textured Hair


“I'm grateful to be blessed with a loving and supporting partner and family. I am also grateful to work for a company that values growth and the world we live in.”  —Sam Zorn, Aveda Purefessional™, Xiphium Salon, Leawood, Kansas


“I am grateful for great conversations.
I am grateful for my family and friends.
I am grateful for a great career.
I am grateful to help mentor and shape the beauty industry.
I love being a salon owner and am grateful for
my two staffs and salons."

Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Styling


“I am most grateful for passion for my craft!” —Taylor Hanson, Aveda Artist, Juut Salon Spa, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“I am most grateful for my loving and supportive family.” —Tia Coles, Aveda Purefessional™, Jouvence Aveda lifestyle Salon and Spa, Rockville, Maryland


“I am most grateful for being able to travel the world while living my passion.”  —Britt Dion, Aveda Purefessional™, Dolce Lusso, Charlotte, North Carolina


“I'm grateful for new experiences, family, friends, work, travel, and my health.” —Laura Fagan, Aveda Artist, Beehive Salon, Seattle, Washington


“I’m grateful for opened doors and the beautiful
blessings on the other side of them.”


“I am most grateful for my son. I am also grateful for all the mentors that have believed in me throughout my career.”
—Sarah Campbell, Aveda Purefessional™, Aria Salon and Spa, Lake Orion, Michigan


“I’m most grateful for my other half, my twin brother, Ami. He's the hardest working person I know and inspires me to be a better person each and every single day. I love all my siblings, but, unless you're a twin you might not understand, there's nothing like the special bond you have with your twin.” — Moti Ankari, @themetroman, Founder, The Metro Man


“I am grateful to be the highlight of someone's day (pun intended).” — Tom Smith, Aveda Purefessional™, Dolce Lusso, Fort Mill, South Carolina


“I’m most grateful for having a choice. For being able to
choose how awesome my life will be on a daily basis. How receptive,
how connected, how present I will be. Choice is everything.”


“I am grateful for my family, friends, guests, mentors and everyone who has had a positive impact on who I am and where I am today—not only in my career, but also in motherhood and in my faith.”
— Sarah Shultz, Aveda Purefessional™, First Impressions, Fort Wayne, Indiana


“I am thankful for the ability to work hard at a job I love and then take a week of vacation and enjoy the balance of life!” —Sarah Barnes, Aveda Purefessional™, Dolce Lusso, Fort Mill, South Carolina



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